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EZ Popups Review

Advertising and marketing are like two sides of a coin that complement each other. While advertising ensures that the potential buyers get to know about the existence of your product and service, marketing is the process which convinces them that the product is worth buying. Depending upon the available budget and circumstances different companies use different marketing strategies.

One interesting way to advertise and market your products is to use pop-ups. They act like notifications which connect to other sites and they are likely to raise the amount of exposure that your products get. However, at times they tend to reduce the levels of user experience and the user may well end up having difficulties in navigating through the content he/she was looking for. What you need here is to find some sort of a pop-up ad that runs efficiently and at the same time does not cause much discomfort for the user.

Sean Donahoe, the creator of the EZ Popups claims that this is exactly what his new tool is capable of providing. The EZ Popups tool can help people in creating pop-up ads with ease. The exciting thing here is that it has the capacity to create highly engaging, eye-catching ads instantly and you can start converting in a matter of minutes. Lets take a look at all the breathtaking features that this new piece of technology promises to offer:

1) You will have the luxury of choosing from various different methods like pop-ups, overlays, slide-ins and more.

2) The On-Site Retargeting Engine feature allows the use of different popups for different segments of your site.

3) The Drag & Drop Builder feature provides you with 50 readymade templates that you can use right away to create the pop-up or slide-in of your choice.

4) This pop-up ads creation tool can integrate with just about every single top commerce platform.

5) The powerful A/B split testing enables you to optimize the conversions.

6) You get to dictate exactly when you want the popup to appear.

7) You will get real-time analytic reports and detailed statistics which will give you a better understanding of the situation.

8) It includes captivating entrance and exit animations that can grab the attention of the users quite frequently.

9) You can try and create your first campaign in less than a minutes time.

10) To go along with all of these characteristics, the EZ Popups tool is 100% mobile friendly as well.

The EZ Popups tool is certainly one that comes in with a lot of big expectations. Its price ranges from $47 to $197. With the amount of potential it carries, it probably is worth the money and you would not do yourself much harm if you decide to register for it.

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