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The Best 8 One-time Offer Conversion Secrets

At one point or another, the chances are that you have come across pages that direct you to click on a link labelled “buy now” for you to get an incredible product offer. After clicking, you are direct to a page that is short and very hard sell, trying to bring you to pay a bit high for a “one time offer”.

Such offers come in all sizes and shapes- upgrades, bonus content, discounts meant for a short period, or secret products that you won’t be able to get from any other place. Whatever they are, they are onetime opportunities that that will pass immediately you click on the “next button”. As a marketer, you can take always advantage of such and increase your bottom line in a great way by using them to your advantage.

Here are the best 8 one-time offer conversion secrets

  1. Urgency is of Utmost Importance

One time offer is all about getting the customer to act immediately by creating urgency and convenience. Actually, that’s the whole point. If the customer fails to respond immediately, they will never have such an opportunity again, so they have little or no choice.

As a marketer, to be able to drive that point home, make use of the major conversation tactics like red text, larger, bold deadlines and constantly reminding them of the great value they are passing up if they fail to buy.

  1. Split Test Different Products

When it comes to OTO page, some products will perform better in terms of sales than others will. If you find that one product is not performing well as expected, it could be a non-complementary product or just your sales copy.

Remember that for you to sell, it is not necessarily a must that you sell a product that you’ve got rights to. It is okay if you can get some products from Clickbank and sell them by posting them as an affiliate link.

  1. Multiple Order Links

A good OTO page will have order links that range from 3-5 throughout the page. Provide them with as many opportunities as you can to make the jump before they can click through to their download.

  1. Email Marketing Support

Collect the email address of those customers that have made an initial purchase through your site using your processing software (DLGuard or Amember, both are good). You can then send and immediate email to them laying down the OTO, even after they have passed it up.

Often, this “last chance” can push the customers over the edge after they have had some time to consider the offer.

  1. Make Value Apparent

Do not just give a clue of the deal the customer will be receiving, try and make the value very apparent. Let them know that they will be getting say $300 worth of content for only $47. Make them understand that it is a deal they will never be able to get from any other place.

To make it even more apparent, make use of graphics, charts, large text and outlines. Even if the customers are just scanning the page looking for a “download link” make them understand that by skipping forward they will be missing out.

  1. Make Original Download Links Apparent.

Make the initial download link visible to the customer. Do not give the reader a reason to think that they should not go through the link or even worse click away and send a support ticket for their download to you.

It is not a must that it be at the top of the page, it can also be at the bottom. Just clearly state where the reader should click. Lead them there with some OTO offer.

  1. Use Supplemental Offers (don’t weaken the value of the original purchase)

Do not attempt to split the original product into two half and selling it in two sections. That would be like an author writing a book and then selling chapter 1-10 of the book at $30 and chapter 11-20 offering it as a special one-time bonus at $15.

As an alternative, use a supplemental offer that will add value without detracting from the original purchase.

You can make a good amount of money per prospect with a good one time offer. Those prospects that already have committed to buying are more likely to kick in a few extra coins for an upgrade and increase in a dramatic way your overall per customer transaction.

  1. Video and Other Simplifications

There are OTO pages with just a single video and a button urging the customers to buy now, and others with 5000 words of text. You would want to split test that what works for you, but in most cases, simple always sell. To enhance urgency as much as possible, use short sentences, video and highlights of your sales pitch.

Bottom Line

There you have it; do not neglect or ignore the opportunity for the massive up kicks outlined above in potential income. There is a reason the big guys use them. Just do it right and with no doubt, you will find out why.